WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service has announced the expansion of its Production, Supply and Distribution on-line database, which provides information on agricultural commodities for the United States and other countries.

Users will be able to create a personal PS&D user account that will allow them to save their on-line custom queries. The custom query and display options have been enhanced to include commodity codes, country codes, monthly data, market-year data and the top ten countries for a specific commodity.

New reports will be available with analytical details of agricultural production trends. In addition, the reformatted database will produce monthly reports beginning with July 2006 data, as well as market year reports.

The PS&D searchable database is particularly useful for commodity traders, agricultural exporters and importers, economists, and producers and researchers who can use it to tap into current and historical data on prices, production levels and demand for agricultural products.

The database is located on the Web site at www.fas.usda.gov/psdonline/psdHome.aspx.

For further information on the PS&D database, contact Art Latterner of FAS at 202-690-0141, or by e-mail at art.latterner@usda.gov.

SOURCE: USDA news release.