Agriculture Under Secretary Mark Rey joined American Forests this Arbor Day to announce a reforestation partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and American Forests, a not-for-profit organization supported by Coleman Natural Foods. The collaborative effort will result in the restoration of forest ecosystems damaged by wildfire, insects and disease, by planting up to 20 million seedlings nationwide over the next decade.

This cooperative conservation effort will leverage Forest Service funding with dollars from the private sector to restore forest cover on and adjacent to national forests and grasslands. This year, the Forest Service will contribute $200,000 for the projects, with another $100,000 coming from private funds, to support the National Fire Plan and President Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative. A total of $300,000 this year will be spent on the reforestation effort.

Coleman Natural Foods, the first corporate sponsor of the effort, has pledged $100,000 per year for the planting of one million trees over the next decade. The company has also challenged other companies and the public to join in the effort by helping to plant additional trees. The Forest Service will match each tree planted.

Source: Government Release