Agriculture Acting Under Secretary for Rural Development Gilbert Gonzalez has announced $8.9 million in broadband grant funds are available for connecting essential community facilities to high-speed telecommunications in rural towns and communities where no broadband service exists.

"The need to expand broadband service is essential to economic growth in these most isolated communities," said Gonzalez. "Having access to high speed telecommunications for basic community services assists rural communities in meeting public safety needs."

More than $30 million in three years have been invested by USDA Rural Development to open the door to broadband infrastructure through the Community Connect Broadband Grant Program. To date, 90 communities have participated in the program to connect essential services of police and fire protection, local government, hospitals, libraries and schools to broadband service. For their part of the project, the communities will make at least 10 computers available to the public with set hours and instruction available for use on the internet. "With this program, we are reaching some of the most remote and challenged communities in rural America," said Gonzalez.

Source: Government Release