WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns yesterday announced fiscal year 2007 allocations of $100 million to 67 U.S. trade organizations to promote U.S. agricultural products overseas.

"USDA supports efforts to help our farmers and ranchers gain access to growing global markets," said Johanns. "The fact that we are on track to sell a record $77 billion of U.S. agricultural products to overseas markets this year highlights the importance of the Market Access Program to help U.S. exporters reach new customers around the world."

Under the MAP, USDA uses Commodity Credit Corporation funds to enter into agreements with U.S. agricultural trade organizations, state regional groups, and cooperatives to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities.

MAP is administered by USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service. Program applicants undergo a competitive review process based on weighted criteria, such as the degree to which the applicant contributes resources to the program, historic export performance, projected export goals, and accuracy of past export goals. The MAP recently eliminated multi-year funding in order to improve program efficiency and to align program years with fiscal years.

For more information on the MAP, contact the FAS' Office of Trade Programs staff at 202-720-4327, or visit the FAS MAP Web site.

Fiscal year 2007 allocations are listed here.

SOURCE: USDA news release.