WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner announced today that a USDA report about the future of biotechnology is available to the public.

Prepared by USDA's Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21), "Opportunities and Challenges in Agricultural Biotechnology: The Decade Ahead" describes the advances in agricultural biotechnology's first decade and discusses a range of topics related to agricultural biotechnology that may be addressed by the secretary over the next decade.

"We are pleased to get this report and thank those involved for their interest and efforts. This consensus report, from a diverse group of stakeholders who express different perspectives, will be important in helping us understand the evolving landscape for agricultural biotechnology," said Conner.

The AC21 was established in 2003 to examine how biotechnology is likely to change agriculture and USDA's work over the long term. The 20-member committee represents a wide spectrum of views and interests and is composed of farmers, technology providers, academics, representatives from the food manufacturing and shipping industries, and representatives from consumer and environmental organizations. The committee meets in public session three to four times per year.

The Web site for the AC21, which contains all the committee's reports and information about its meetings, can be accessed through USDA's biotechnology portal.

SOURCE: USDA News release.