The U.S. Senate has added an amendment to the Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill that will provide federal income tax credits to assist with the establishment of fueling infrastructure for all forms of alternative transportation fuels.

The amendment would provide a 50 percent federal income tax credit for the cost of building an E85, LPG, CNG, LNG, and hydrogen vehicle fueling station, up to $30,000. The provisions of SA 670 would also be extended to "tax exempt" entities by allowing them to take advantage of the tax savings through special provisions in the law.

The amendment also extends the tax credit to other forms of alternative fuel systems. Phillip Lampert, executive director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition added, "We have long indicated that the NEVC supports all forms of alternative transportation fuels. While we initiated the introduction of this legislation and our organizational focus is clearly on E85, we support the inclusion of propane, compressed natural gas, LNG, and hydrogen in the bill."

Source: Association Release