WASHINGTON, D.C. -- America's ethanol supporters launched the industry's first national TV ad campaign yesterday to promote the only renewable, domestic fuel that is an alternative to imported oil, which makes up nearly 60 percent of the nation's fuel supply.

"Ethanol is America's fuel: it's made here in the U.S., it creates U.S. jobs, and it contributes to America's national and economic security. This ad campaign is designed to reach beyond the Beltway to communicate those facts about ethanol to the broader American public – people who until now have only heard one side of the story," said (Ret.) Gen. Wesley K. Clark, co-chairman of Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters that is airing the "America's Fuel" campaign.

The six-month, $2.5 million campaign will air six separate spots on four cable networks: Fox, MSNBC, CNN and HLN (formerly Headline News). More than half of the spots are in primetime, with the rest airing on shows -- such as Larry King Live, Morning Joe, and Fox and Friends -- that attract influential viewers, including political officeholders and the press.

The spots began airing at 6 a.m. today on all four networks. Each of the six spots focuses on a particular message about ethanol: Independent, Clean, Renewable, Peace, Sensible and Economic.

"This campaign demonstrates the leadership of Growth Energy's members, and shows a certain maturity in the ethanol industry. With this campaign we are talking directly to the public, in their living rooms, with a message that makes quite clear precisely why ethanol is America's fuel," said former Rep. Jim Nussle, of Iowa, a member of the Growth Energy Board of Directors.

The spots are also available for viewing and download on Growth Energy's website at GrowthEnergy.org/ads.

"For too long, we have allowed our opponents to define who we are. That ends today," said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. "We cannot match the other side dollar for dollar, but that is not going to prevent us from being in the fight. Ethanol is America's fuel. Ethanol creates jobs, cleans the air and strengthens our national and economic security. These ads tell that story."

SOURCE: Growth Energy.