A quick look at this week's drought monitor, issued yesterday, points out the drought areas that continue to plague parts of the Plains states. Brian Fuch, National Drought Mitigation Center, authored this week's summary:

"Active weather across the Midwest during the beginning and end of the current period brought rain and severe storms over the region. Warm and windy conditions dominated conditions on the Plains; wildfires were a great concern throughout Oklahoma and Kansas, with multiple fatalities associated with the fires.

"Temperatures from South Dakota into Texas were 6-9 degrees above normal, with portions of eastern Nebraska and eastern Kansas 9-12 degrees above normal.

"Much of the West was cooler than normal with departures of 3-6 degrees below normal. Rain and snow over parts of northern California and into the coastal regions of Oregon and Washington continued the active pattern that has been consistent over the West Coast.

The driest areas of the Southeast did pick up some precipitation, but most areas were normal to slightly below normal for the week."