LINCOLN, Neb. -- A University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumnus is returning to head the university's entomology department.

Gary J. Brewer, who's been in several positions at North Dakota State University since 1985, will take over the UNL job near the beginning of the fall semester.

Brewer now chairs NDSU's entomology department and previously served as coordinator of that university's Plant Protection program, a multidisciplinary program. He received his bachelor's degree in zoology in 1974 and his master's degree in entomology in 1978, both from UNL, and his doctorate in entomology from Kansas State University in 1984.

Brewer's research at NDSU has focused on sunflower insect pest management with major emphasis on the interaction of pollinators and pests, and plant resistance to insects.

"The IANR deans and I are delighted Dr. Brewer, who is an accomplished faculty member and successful academic administrator, will be joining the UNL faculty and providing leadership for one of our strongest and most successful academic departments," said John Owens, NU vice president and vice chancellor of IANR.

"Dr. Brewer brings a unique and valuable set of strengths and experiences to our department," said Fred Baxendale, interim head of entomology.

The entomology department is part of the university's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and has one of the largest enrollments of any master's entomology program in the United States.

SOURCE: News release from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.