KANSAS CITY, KANSAS - Universal Steel Buildings Corp. recently announced the opening of a new regional sales office in Othathe, Kansas for pre-engineered metal buildings sales serving the Quad-state area of Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. The office located at 531 N Mur-Len Rd # B Olathe, KS 66062 will open for business in late April this year to serve pre-engineered steel building and turnkey metal building construction customers in the Quad-state area of KS, IA, NE, and MO.

Universal Steel Buildings Corp., sole supplier of Olympia Steel Buildings® continues its steady growth as a leader in the pre-engineered steel buildings industry with fourteen locations in the United States and Canada. Company president, Arnold Davis, recently announced the opening of the new regional metal building sales office in Olathe Kansas. The new office will serve pre-engineered steel building and turnkey metal building construction customers in the farm states of Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. "We anticipate strong industry growth in the region as crop prices continue to rise to historic highs in response to demand," asserts Arnold Davis, President of Universal Steel Buildings Corp.

These key states in the geographical center of the United States are a major agricultural area with vast areas of farmland. Kansas grows wheat, sorghum, hay and corn with at least ninety per cent of the land area in Kansas, forty-seven million acres, devoted to agriculture production. Farms account for eighty-nine percent of Iowa's land, with organic operations blossoming across the state. Agriculture is the way of life in Nebraska, with the eastern part of the state taken up with farms and the western with ranches. Missouri is home to more than two-thousand agricultural businesses growing corn, wheat, soybeans, grain sorghum, cotton and rice, and supplying agricultural chemicals, animal feed and seed, with some of the nation's largest farm cooperatives headquartered in the state.

"The Kansas office sales team has more than seventy-five years of combined experience in pre-engineered steel buildings design, engineering and supply, as well as metal building construction. All are natives of the region, so like good neighbors, they understand what local farmers and businessmen need and how best to serve them," states Davis. "It is also a matter of trust. Customers know they can come to Olympia Steel Buildings and we will take care of them like family. We will be there every step of the way to ensure they get the building they need at the best available price, from our first visit to the farm or business and the construction location through completion of the construction project, because we understand farmers and businessmen in this region."

Universal Steel Buildings looks forward to increasing sales in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri as agriculture continues to expand and farmers and businessmen require storage for their grain, crops and livestock, chemicals and machinery in the coming months as the economy continues its recovery. "We plan to be well positioned to serve ag customers looking to build, by supplying durable, high quality Olympia Steel Buildings pre-engineered steel buildings and metal building systems for agricultural storage, warehouses, small shops, machine sheds, industrial and commercial use. We want to personally get out to the farms and the businesses and meet with people, get to know them and understand their needs. That's the way you get the job done," concludes Davis.

SOURCE: Olympia Steel Buildings