Exosect Ltd, which describes itself as “a provider of enabling technologies,” announced legal proceedings against Bayer CropScience Inc. for infringement of its Canadian patent related to lubricant for seed flow.

“The patent relates to, among other things, the use of synthetic waxes, such as polyethylene wax, as a lubricant/fluency agent to improve the flowability of plant seeds and reduce the risk of dust drift. This technology brings forward significant improvements in seed flow lubricants,” Exosect announced.

Bayer has been marketing its Fluency Agent for use in planting in the U.S. and Canada. Introductory volume sales of the product were announced in 2014.   

Exosect reported that Canada has required the use of seed flow lubricants other than talc and/or graphite because those lubricants were found to detach easily from seed carrying portions of seed treatment insecticide, specifically neonicotinoid insecticide, with them.

No further specifics about the lawsuit were released by the claimant.