Louisiana reported two more parishes with soybean rust infections today, both in commercial fields. The rust-positive total for the state grows to 12; U.S. total is 57 counties and parishes in eight states.

According to the Louisiana state commentary on www.sbrusa.net, "Asian soybean rust was found in Jefferson Davis Parish (southwest Louisiana) for the first time. Rust was detected in the check plot of a fungicide test performed in a commercial field of soybeans. The soybeans are Group V's in the late R6 stage. No rust was detected in the treated areas.

Soybean rust was found in Iberville Parish for the first time, also in a commercial field. Incidence and severity levels were low. This brings to 12 the number of Louisiana parishes in which ASR has been found on either soybeans or kudzu.

The commentary suggests that growers AgCenter's Web site, contact a county agent, or call the Asian Soybean Rust Hotline at 1-800-516-0865 for the latest ASR information in their area.

SOURCE: Louisiana state commentary on www.sbrusa.net.