Two more southeast North Carolina counties are positive for soybean rust, doubling the number in the state and bringing the U.S. total of positive counties and parishes to 65 in eight states.

In today's North Carolina commentary on, officials report that "Asiatic soybean rust was identified on soybean samples collected from mobile sentinel plots on Sept. 20, 2006. A few pustules were found on several leaves on two samples from Brunswick County and one sample from Bladen County. Samples collected from Sampson, Cumberland, and Scotland County were negative for rust."

The first rust of the year in North Carolina was found in Columbus County Sept. 13, followed by rust in Robeson County Sept. 19. All four positive counties sit in a cluster in the southernmost part of the state, on the border with South Carolina.

The commentary said 91 percent of the soybean crop has set pods and is no longer at risk from rust.

SOURCE: North Carolina commentary on