SALINAS, Calif. -- TRUETRAC, a new software solutions company focused on agriculture, announced the wide-scale availability of its first product, LABELTRAC, this week.

LABELTRAC allows a harvest crew to print labels literally in the field at time of harvest. LABELTRAC meets and exceeds the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) guidelines developed by the Produce Marketing Association, United Fresh Produce Association, and Canadian Produce Marketing Association. What makes LABELTRAC so unique is its mobility. The LABELTRAC Toolbox (patent pending) is designed to be used in the field by the harvesting crew.

LABELTRAC creates a unique birth certificate for everything grown. Using TRUETRAC'S robust website and the information printed on the TRUETRAC label, customers have visibility to where every case of product originated from and the date it was picked. LABELTRAC is proven to work and is now in use by multiple harvesting crews in multiple commodities. Users of LABELTRAC describe the system as "smart" and "simple" to use.

"What sets the TRUETRAC system apart from other solutions is that it was developed by growers for growers and not in the Silicon Valley," said Ray Connelly, General Manager of TRUETRAC. "This product provides the simplest way to bring technology to field-packed commodities so they can simply and easily comply with proposed industry traceability initiatives."

TRUETRAC is based in Salinas, Calif., with an expert staff led by Ray Connelly, formerly with FAMOUS software. The TRUETRAC staff is knowledgeable about Produce Traceability Initiative, software development, label technology, and farming. In addition to the LABELTRAC product, TRUETRAC plans to launch a suite of products that will provide technology solutions and software tools to add value to their clients' businesses.

Joining TRUETRAC in its marketing and sales efforts is Bunzl Processor Division. Bunzl will be the exclusive Distributor for the LABELTRAC product. Bunzl Processor Division's parent company, Bunzl PLC, A FTSE 100 company (BNL), provides expertise in sourcing packaging, personal protection equipment, logistics and outsourcing operating in 23 countries. Bunzl has an extensive warehouse, distribution and administrative infrastructure throughout North America.

"We are extremely excited that Bunzl will be the exclusive Distributor for the LABELTRAC system. Bunzl brings a national sales force, knowledgeable customer service representatives and global buying power, with the connections to help us promote our customer's products to the produce-buying trade." says Connelly.

"When we first saw the TRUETRAC system, we knew it was unique and something we wanted to be a part of," says Greg Wohlleb, Vice President, Food Packaging Sales for Bunzl. "Unlike other systems, TRUETRAC's products are born in the field and developed by farmers for farmers. The LABELTRAC system provides everything a grower needs to label cartons or bins in the field and meet or exceed industry traceability initiatives," Wohlleb explains. "With the LABELTRAC Toolbox, (patent pending) you can literally have a system up and running within hours."

"Together with Bunzl, TRUETRAC now has a team that provides a breadth of industry, technical, retail, marketing, sales and regulatory knowledge to support LABELTRAC and our other products," Connelly says. "We're looking forward to showing growers and shippers what the LABELTRAC system can do and how LABELTRAC can create a birth certificate for everything they grow."

Our dedicated customer care team includes; Chris Santos, Lynn Stock, and Patricia Vargas. To learn more about TRUETRAC and its programs and services call us at 1-800-548-1901 or visit