The close relationship between trees and woodland birds is a key part of the new Tree House Trail at the National Arbor Day Foundation's Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, about 50 miles south of Omaha. Thanks to an $8,000 grant from the Wild Birds Unlimited Pathways To Nature Conservation Fund, visitors to this special farm also enjoy unique opportunities to experience birds.

The Tree House Trail is a half-mile walk through the forest, with informative, interactive activities that keep visitors entertained as they learn more about the importance of trees. Two of the stations along the trail focus on the birds that flutter through and soar over the woodlands. The Bird Call Mimic Station allows visitors to hear and imitate songs and calls of those birds, while the Bird Listening Station features specially designed devices that help amplify and focus the sounds coming from the woods.

The highlight of the trail is the Canopy Tree House, nestled 50 feet up in the canopy of the oak/hickory forest. This bird's eye view offers a completely new perspective on the forest, giving visitors a chance to see treetop birds in their natural setting.

In addition to more than 170 species of birds that either live in or visit this forest, the farm is home to white-tailed deer, bobcat, raccoon, opossum, muskrat, mink, red fox, and numerous other mammals. To learn more about the Arbor Day Farm and take a virtual tour, visit

Source: PRNewswire