The Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC), a not-for-profit organization supported by the crop protection industry, is responsible for recycling more than 150,000,000 pounds of pesticide container plastic in the last 22 years. 2014 forecasts predict a 9 percent increase in plastic collections over 2013 and a new record of more than 10 million pounds of plastics recycled.

Ron Perkins, ACRC executive director, noted, “ACRC’s ability to consistently increase the volume of plastic collected while decreasing annual dues to members is a credit to the leadership of the ACRC Executive Board.” 

ACRC is fully funded by member companies and affiliates that formulate, produce, package and distribute crop protection and other pesticide products. The CropLife StewardshipFirst program is proud to recognize ACRC’s accomplishments in container management. Bill Kuckuck, CropLife America’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, commented that “ACRC is another great example of industry working together and making a measurable difference. We look forward to another record-setting year for collection in 2014.”   

The CropLife StewardshipFirst program is a commitment by the crop protection industry to provide safe, healthy and plentiful crops that feed and clothe a growing population. StewardshipFirst was created to promote and advance sustainable agriculture and the environmentally sound use of crop protection products. It is hoped that through science-based discovery, StewardshipFirst will help global agriculture economically produce safe, high quality, abundant food, fiber, and other crops, thus ensuring food security and alleviating poverty, suffering and hardship. Learn more at