A 107-acre research farm at Dinuba, Calif., will provide The Crop Vitality division of Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. (TKI) the ability to replicate a multitude of farming conditions and practices that are found around the world.

Management of TKI says the research, development and innovation farm in Dinuba shows Crop Vitality's commitment to developing innovative crop nutrients that help growers meet the needs of modern crop production in a reliable and sustainable manner.

The Crop Vitality team of agronomists will have an array of facilities including research laboratories and greenhouses for use to study various soil types and fertility interaction for growing crops. There will also be administrative offices and meeting rooms at the farm.

Business Unit Director Russell Sides said, "The investment in this farm is an example of Crop Vitality's commitment to the future of agriculture through pioneering research, development and innovation in plant nutrition."

Sides explained that Crop Vitality agronomists and researchers at the facility will focus on developing sustainable plant nutrients that meet the needs of high yielding crops, while systematically gathering information to assist in answering relevant questions that face agricultural production. The company will also use the facility as a center for farm demonstrations and educational activities.

Sides added, "The facility will provide opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders in the agriculture value chain in solving complex challenges that impact global food production."

The team of Crop Vitality specialists and agronomists are best known for their more than 60 years of insights and expertise in sulfur plant nutrition, although much more in fertility research will be ongoing at the new research farm.