A number of growers are looking for ways to reduce input costs for their 2015 crop. Things such as reducing seeding rate, using generics and opting not to use a soybean seed treatment are ways to cut costs, but all come with their own risks.

When it comes to seed treatments, one common disease is Phytophthora. There are many soybean varieties that claim excellent field tolerance and may possess genes for resistance. So one would think a seed-applied fungicide is not necessary. However, keep in mind a few things:

  • One, the specific genes may cover some but not all races of Phytophthora,which can leave your crop exposed to certain races.
  • Two, these specific genes are not immediately active and leave the plants unprotected until about the third trifoliate stage. A seed-applied fungicide can cover the gap until the plant can defend itself.
  • Third, when it comes to seed and seedling diseases, there are no rescue treatments. Once an infection takes place, little can be done to remedy the situation.
  • Lastly, another mode of action is always good for long-term resistance management.

In the end, a seed treatment such as CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance insecticide/fungicide really is a good investment no matter what the grain prices are. Talk to your local Syngenta representative to learn more.