The Mosaic Company is building the first Granular Single Super Phosphate (GSSP) plant in Argentina.

The new plant will have the capacity to produce up to 240,000 metric tonnes (MT) of GSSP per year, and Mosaic anticipates that the cost to construct the GSSP plant will be approximately US$14 million. It is being built next to Mosaic's distribution facility in Quebracho, in the heart of Argentina's soybean country, where demand for fertilizer is growing. The proximity of the new plant to Mosaic's existing infrastructure will enable the company to exploit a number of logistical and operational advantages.

"South America is an important market for Mosaic, and the construction of this new plant is timely because of the increase in the use of crop nutrients in Argentina and in much of the rest of the region," said Jim Thompson, executive vice president of Mosaic.

Source: Company Release