About 25 million tonnes of rice will be produced during 2016-17 crop years instead of the normal production output of between 31-32 million tonnes, reports the Thailand Business News.

That is a drop in production that can continue to keep the once-largest producer of rice from climbing back to the top in world exports of rice. Thailand’s commerce secretary announced a plan needing cooperation of the rice industry and rice producers to cap 2016-17 production at 25 million tonnes. The problem is drought and lower market demand, according to the report. Lower production would begin with reducing the rice-farming hectors in the country.

Commerce ministry said that production costs are to be reduced including fertilizer and pesticides. The country also wants to upgrade standards of operations at rice mills. He announced theere also is to be more oversight by the government to crack down on unfair tactics that might be occurring to ensure fairness in rice trading which may include inspection of rice weighing and humidity measurement, price tagging and setting the standard of rice trade.

“The agriculture ministry has been tasked with rice cultivation zoning to set different zones for different types of rice and water management as well as choosing the right rice types for different zones,” the Thailand Business News reported.