A new fertilizer storage safety bill was signed into law last week by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The law is a result of the West, Texas, fire and explosion that killed 15 people in 2013.

Main points as reported by the Waco, Texas, Waco Tribune newspaper are a requirement for ammonium nitrate (AN) dealers to be subject to state fire marshal inspections, that 30-foot of distance be maintained between AN storage and flammable materials and reports of storage quantities be submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rather than the Department of State Health Services as in the past.

Another potential bill that didn’t receive enough support to pass the legislature would have given the state fire marshal rule-making authority for how AN could be stored. Instead, the law being enacted gives local and state fire officials the responsibility to conduct regular inspections of storage facilities.

The report written by J.B. Smith for the Waco Tribune can be read by clicking here.