PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- Produce Safety & Security International Inc., a sanitation disinfectant process supplier to the food and medical industries, said it has received favorable test results using its ozone process for the purification of waste water from dairy operations.

PDSC plans to use many prototype units for more extensive research and to expand the potential applications for the dairy industry for the purification of the waste water and removal of the odors and bacteria. The company said the ozone process is safe, economical and leaves no residue.

Clarence W. Karney, CEO of PDSC, said, "We are pleased with the results and believe this speaks volumes for the process's versatility. The ozone process is a safe alternative to many of the traditional methods used in the dairy industry.

"Test results also show dairy cattle drinking ozonated water will increase their milk production, giving a better return on investment. This process will not only resolve health issues but also increase profitability," Karney said. "The removal of odor will provide an environmental impact for areas of the country and the world. Ozone process will provide a more sanitizing atmosphere for the entire dairy industry."

About Produce Safety & Security International Inc. has developed and patented products for extending the shelf life of perishables. The EPA-registered products sanitize and disinfect against food-borne illness pathogens and disease-causing bacteria.

SOURCE: Produce Safety & Security International Inc. via Market Wire.