In its updated soybean rust forecast yesterday, the USDA said temperatures across the southeastern U.S. had readings around the freezing mark last weekend, but the area will warm up this week.

The main storm track is forecast from the western plains states to the Great Lakes region through the weekend. This will result in warm weather for the southeastern states, along with showers from Friday through the weekend.

The freeze line, marking locations that have experienced minimum temperatures equal to or lower than 32F during the late fall and winter seasons, remains unchanged from last week, from a few miles inland along the Texas Gulf Coast to near New Orleans. Temperatures have fallen to below freezing to the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf coasts. It also includes the entire Florida panhandle. In Florida, the freeze line remains unchanged from near Tarpon Springs, Leesburg and Ocala to Daytona Beach.

Kudzu is beginning to green up across the southern states. The northern edge of the greening of kudzu is from west-central Texas, through northeast Texas, all of Louisiana, southern Alabama and Georgia, and the entire state of Florida.

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