Tasker Capital Corp., a distributor and marketer of a licensed proprietary technology that is highly effective in inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, has received authority from USDA to market its pHarlo technology to poultry processors for in-plant affirmation of its effectiveness on a commercial scale, upon which (assuming the results confirm the preliminary studies data under the approved USDA protocol) poultry processors may engage Tasker for continued contractual use.

Preliminary studies conducted by Tasker, the University of Georgia's Department of Poultry Processing (supervised by premier industry expert Dr. Scott Russell), and Wynn Starr Specialty Flavors LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Wynn Starr Flavors), a strategic partner with Tasker in its poultry processing effort, indicated that Tasker's licensed technology is highly effective in significantly inhibiting pathogenic bacteria in an efficient and expeditious manner.

These studies were evaluated by a panel of USDA's technical experts who have advanced the introduction of the pHarlo technology to in-plant, commercial test before full scale use can be secured. In further support of pHarlo's ratification for use in poultry processing, the birds processed using Tasker's technology will be allowed to go to market for sale to the public.

Tasker recently announced an alliance with Groupe Doux, a premier European poultry processor and exporter of poultry products, to obtain similar European regulatory approval to use its technology, worldwide.

Source: PRNewswire