Tasker Capital Corp., a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of a proprietary technology that is highly effective in inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, today announced that it has received a Letter of No Objections from the Food Safety and Inspection Service ("FSIS") of the United States Department of Agriculture ("USDA") for the continuation of in-plant trials at two additional poultry processors. The trial involves the use of Tasker's pHarlo Blue as an antimicrobial in the scalder and post-feather picker processes.

The letter also indicated that the FSIS has no objections to the continuation of in-plant trials at the facility in Athens, Georgia, where Tasker intends to continue the testing of its technology in the scalder. The two additional poultry processing plants scheduled for trials are located in Louisiana and Georgia. The first of these plants is slated to start in March and the other in April, 2006. Upon the successful completion of the trials, a summary of the results will be submitted to the FSIS for review, with the objective of receiving a "no objections" from the FSIS to entering into a commercialization phase for the specific applications.

"The initial test conducted in Athens, Georgia has provided us with interpretive information that we have used to fine-tune the application development of our technology for poultry processing. During the additional in-plant trials we will continue to develop the product to fit the needs of our target market, poultry processors," commented Richard Falcone, Tasker's President and CEO. "We also intend to provide further updates as information becomes available."

Source: Tasker Capital Corp.