Since founding T-L Irrigation Company 60 years ago in Hastings, Neb., LeRoy W. Thom has consistently guided the company under the philosophy that “We’re farmers," emphasizing that T-L’s manufacturing and marketing decisions are deeply influenced by how a farmer would view T-L’s exclusive hydrostatically powered irrigation systems to produce income. T-L Irrigation Company is the only pivot irrigation system manufacturer to use hydrostatic drive rather than electric power.

Although unique to the industry, the hydrostatic design made sense. All farmers are familiar with hydraulics since it is used in every machine they operate. The simplicity of design allows farmers to enjoy exceptional reliability and low maintenance. T-L’s irrigation systems also move continuously, delivering even water distribution, which conserves water and enhances crop production. Additionally, there are the benefits of safety due to the absence of high voltage electricity, drastically reduced chances of copper theft, and the elimination of high repair costs and parts replacement.

Today, T-L center pivots, linear irrigation systems and GPS corner systems are represented by more than 300 dealers in over 70 countries worldwide. Reflecting back on the 60 years, Mr. Thom comments that “it has been real fun developing center pivot irrigation. I can still say ‘We’re farmers’ since most of our employees still have some farm connection, whether engineer, salesman, or plant management.” Many of our employees are second generation and their experience makes a big difference.”

T-L’s commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in consistent product quality, customer satisfaction and numerous innovations such as Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation, GPS navigation corner systems and web-based pivot system controls.