MONTREAL -- Syscan International Inc. today announced that its new RFID-based LiveTrack reader has been certified for use in the Canadian Cattle Identification Program.

The CCIP is an industry-initiated and established tracing system designed for the containment and eradication of animal disease. Syscan also announced the reader's recent approval pursuant to the regulations of both the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada.

Robert Henri, vice-president & COO of Syscan, said, "There are over one million beef and dairy farms in North America and more than 140 million head of cattle. The USDA estimates that the retail equivalent value of U.S. beef cattle alone was over $78 billion in 2005.

"Over the next several years and indeed throughout the next decade, with Canada leading the way, it is inevitable that most North American farms will convert to RFID-based tracking and tracing systems as market pressures and government regulations grow," Henri said. "We project that RFID based product sales will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars over that period.

"We have put considerable resources into developing the best reader in the industry, not just for use in North America but around the world," Henri said. "It has been successfully tested under the most rigorous conditions on several continents and in our opinion is the most compliant, efficient and user-friendly reader in the agricultural industry."

Syscan is a world-class supply chain solution provider that delivers integrated real-time tracking and tracing systems that improve business efficiency through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Its standardized supply chain solutions include traceability, temperature monitoring and quality control methodologies for the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

SOURCE: Syscan International Inc. via Business Wire.