Syngenta has announced the launch of a new generation of seed treatment that protects plants against nematodes, microscopic worms that can cause severe damage to plant roots and reduce yield. The new product, Avicta(TM), was granted registration by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on cotton and will be offered for sale in the USA for the 2006 planting season. The annual cost of nematode damage to cotton in the USA is estimated at $400 million.

"This is a breakthrough innovation and a milestone in the development of convenient seed treatment products," said John Atkin, chief operating officer of Syngenta Crop Protection. "With Avicta(TM), we can offer unprecedented seed-delivered technology which controls a difficult pest and provides impressive advantages for growers."

Avicta(TM) protects plants during the early stages of development and will be available in the USA as Avicta(TM) Complete Pak, a combination of three separately registered products: Avicta(TM), the seed-protection fungicide Dynasty(R) CST and the seed-treatment insecticide Cruiser(R), providing complete early protection against pests and diseases. Syngenta is developing Avicta(TM) for cotton markets in other countries as well as for use on other

Source: Company Release