Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. has redesigned, the online face of the company for growers and retailers, in an effort to enhance the customer experience.

The Web site provides users with up-to-the-minute agricultural news and commentary, local weather customized by zip code, market observations and agronomic and product information.

The company said the Web site provides a "better user experience, allowing visitors to navigate more easily through current industry news, updated educational materials and a new audio/visual library, featuring agronomic and product information, crop-related videos and customer testimonials."

"The revamped site features a number of improvements over the old site," said Anthony Transou, Syngenta internet marketing manager. "We were able to update the design, making navigation easy and efficient, and add improved features to provide users more agronomic resources. We continue to analyze our service offerings for our customers and provide them with the best information in whatever manner is most convenient for their business."

To provide growers with agronomic and market information where they work, Syngenta plans to launch a mobile site geared to the increasing of number growers and retailers who rely on current technology for industry and brand-related information. The mobile site, launched at the end of April, will be compatible with any mobile device with wireless Web service, free to download and provide up-to-date and customizable access to commodities, market commentary and pricing, agronomic news and weather.

SOURCE: Syngenta Crop Protection.