Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland, has received Administrative Protection for its chemical compound mesotrione from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission. The protection gives Syngenta exclusive rights to manufacture and sell mesotrione in China. Mesotrione is the active ingredient in the fast growing Callisto(R) range, a market leader in corn herbicides, launched in 2001.

Administrative Protection is a transitional intellectual property right granted consistent with China's obligations under the World Trade Organization's agreement on intellectual property (TRIPS). It was introduced in China in 1992 and enables protection of agrochemical compounds which were previously unpatentable. Syngenta currently has nine compounds under Administrative Protection in China.

"The protection for mesotrione is a significant achievement and will enhance the development of Callisto(R) products, particularly in important Asian markets," said John Atkin, CEO of Syngenta Crop Protection. "It underpins the support for patent and intellectual property protection of chemical compounds in China."

Source: Company Release