Syngenta announced that its leading fungicide BRAVO(R) has received full registration for use on wheat in Germany.

BRAVO(R) offers farmers a unique solution for controlling the fungal disease Septoria, including strains that other treatments do not fully control. The registration allows for early season application, which is most effective for the control of Septoria.

BRAVO(R) will be offered as a single product and in combination with AMISTAR(R), the broadest spectrum cereal fungicide from Syngenta, as AMISTAR(R) OPTI PACK. BRAVO(R) is now registered in 61 countries on 107 crops. AMISTAR(R) OPTI is also sold in the UK.

"BRAVO(R) and AMISTAR(R) OPTI PACK effectively address an increasingly severe problem faced by our customers," said John Atkin, Chief Operating Officer of Syngenta Crop Protection. "BRAVO(R) and AMISTAR(R) OPTI PACK provide excellent disease control, yield benefits and a long-term strategy against Septoria resistance."

Source: Company Release