Syngenta Crop Protection launched its SyntinelTM RustTracker system on An early-warning system, Syntinel RustTracker provides up-to-date information regarding weather forecasts, current weather conditions, and soybean rust spore detection all in a live interactive Web-mapping tool.

"Syntinel RustTracker is unique because it incorporates data from our custom designed spore traps, as well as information from the sentinel plots as it becomes available," says Marty Wiglesworth, soybean rust technical manager for Syngenta. "These traps are placed by trained plant pathologists throughout the country and can detect spores in the air, sometimes even before spores infect a plant."

Examining multiple factors critical to spore movement and rust development, Syntinel RustTracker utilizes data from the spore traps combined with weather data, such as temperature, wind speed, wind direction and humidity, from AccuWeather(R).

"The goal of Syntinel RustTracker is to combine state of the art programming and tracking information to put a wealth of information within reach of growers' computers in an easy-to-navigate format," says Wiglesworth. "By tracking rust spore movement, this allows growers to use the Syntinel system along with effective fungicide programs to make informed decisions and maximize yield potential."

Source: Company Release