Syngenta has extended the deadline for soybean orders that qualify for its 2007 AgriEdge(TM) Soybean Grain Premium Program until March 1, 2007.

Soybean growers who want the cash incentives offered through the Grain Premium Program must place their orders for NK(R) Brand Roundup Ready(R) soybeans with Garst(R), Golden Harvest(R) or NK Brand seed dealers to qualify. Growers are eligible for premiums of up to 21 cents per bushel on their first 60 bushels per acre on each qualifying soybean order.

"Syngenta extended the order deadline to build on the early excitement from growers," said Brad Wiersum, head of soybean marketing, Syngenta. "Now growers have a larger window of opportunity to learn about the incentives offered in the AgriEdge Grain Premium Program and increase the profitability of every soybean acre they plant."

By enrolling in the AgriEdge Soybean Grain Premium Program, growers who make a qualifying purchase of NK Brand Roundup Ready soybeans receive a premium of nine cents for every bushel the beans yield this fall, up to a maximum of 60 bushels per acre. A grower averaging 60 bushels per acre on NK Brand Roundup Ready seed purchased from Garst, Golden Harvest, NK Brand and participating retailers would receive a premium of $5.40 per acre.

The premium can also extend beyond the seed. Growers who use CruiserMaxx Beans(TM) seed treatment and qualifying Syngenta insecticides, herbicides and fungicides to optimize the genetic potential of NK Brand Roundup Ready soybeans qualify for additional premiums. These payments are three cents per bushel for each of the Syngenta products used and can total as much as 12 cents per bushel in addition to the nine cents on each bushel of NK Brand soybeans harvested.

By using all elements of the program, a grower could enjoy a premium of as much as 21 cents per bushel. On a 60-bushels-per-acre soybean yield the premium will total $12.60 per acre.

The AgriEdge Grain Premium Program is available to new purchasers of NK Brand Roundup Ready soybean seed who purchase a minimum of 200 units. Growers already using NK Brand Roundup Ready soybeans qualify if they increase their purchase by at least 200 units over last year.

Syngenta Soybean Symposiums offer agronomic updates
Growers can learn more about the 2007 Grain Premium program and other strategies for maximizing soybean production profitability at one of the 12 AgriEdge Soybean Symposiums that are taking place across the Midwest in January and February.

"The AgriEdge Soybean Symposiums give growers an opportunity to hear about innovative agronomic practices and current market opportunities from leading national and local experts in the industry," said Jon Scharingson, agribusiness manager, AgriEdge Soybeans, Syngenta. "The AgriEdge Trial and Assurance and Grain Premium programs show how confident we are about NK Brand soybean genetics and Syngenta Crop Protection products because we are paying premiums on yields."

The AgriEdge Soybean Symposiums will be held in Indiana, Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and Iowa. More information on attending one of the symposiums is online at

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SOURCE: Syngenta news release.