BASEL, Switzerland -- At today's Annual General Meeting, Syngenta Chairman Martin Taylor and CEO Mike Mack highlighted the key global challenge of ensuring food security for a rapidly growing world population. To help address this critical challenge, they called for greater international collaboration and more coherent trade and regulatory policies that support farmers in producing sufficient, affordable food and, at the same time, help conserve the planet's limited natural resources.

"Innovation in agriculture has made an enormous contribution towards our ability to ensure food security for a world population that has tripled in the last 50 years. But population growth continues unabated and 9 billion people will populate our planet by 2050," said Taylor. "Whilst further land is still available to be cultivated, doing so would reduce biodiversity and further deplete our natural resources, resources that are already under pressure. We need to grow more food from existing resources, and as those resources are diminishing, we actually need to grow more from less."

Mack said, "This critical challenge of ensuring food security in the face of the continuing growth in demand coupled with the scarcity of natural resources means that the role of technology in agriculture has never been more important. At Syngenta, our contribution is to develop innovations that help to unlock the full potential of plants. The immensity of the food security challenge can only be addressed through a new form of international collaboration and a coherent policy framework that stimulates innovation and puts the right technology in the hands of growers worldwide."

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SOURCE: Syngenta via PR Newswire.