To Josh Bailey and Tim Hambrick, managing resistance is critical to the future of farming – whether that’s herbicide, fungicide, insecticide or nematicide resistance. Both have made this a key component of their daily work, which is why Syngenta has selected them as the 2014 inductees into the Resistance Fighter of the Year Leadership Program.

The Resistance Fighter of the Year Leadership Program, now in its sixth year, recognizes agronomic role models who assist growers with resistance management. Syngenta designed the program to honor resistance management leaders, offer members career-enrichment opportunities and spread resistance management strategies.

Bailey, operations manager for Security Seed & Chemical in Clarksville, Tennessee develops weed resistance management strategies for numerous weeds, such as marestail, Palmer pigweed and Italian ryegrass across Kentucky and Tennessee.  Through his blog,, he gives updates and recommendations on how to prevent and manage difficult weeds in corn, wheat and soybeans.  Bailey said he applied for the program because of "the people you meet, the places you go, and the things you get to see."

"It seems like a great opportunity for networking and getting your name out there," he added.

Hambrick is an Agriculture Extension Agent for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service in Forsyth, Stokes and Surry counties, North Carolina. He provides educational programming for tobacco, corn, soybean and wheat producers and participates in on-farm research with crop specialists at North Carolina State University.

“The program will certainly benefit me professionally and that’s what I am interested in,” said Hambrick. “But it will also benefit the farmers of my three counties, which excites me more than what I’ll get out of it myself.”

Agricultural advisors interested in applying to the program can visit to share their contact information and receive a notification when the application window opens in 2015. “We’re honored to partner with strong leaders, like Josh and Tim,” said David Laird, Syngenta, head of product biology. “We appreciate their many efforts to help manage the critical challenge of resistance in agriculture.”