As seed selection time approaches and the threat of downy mildew increases, Syngenta reminds sunflower growers about the importance of defending top-performing hybrids against the threat of this yield-robbing disease. For 2015 planting, Syngenta will offer limited supplies of SY7717 brand sunflower hybrid, a mid-to late-maturing high oleic sunflower hybrid with Clearfield technology and genetic tolerance for downy mildew.

“SY7717 carries strong genetics for downy mildew tolerance. The genetics for defense against downy mildew plus the use of an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment provides the best protection. Combining the hybrid and fungicide protection provided by the addition of Bion to CruiserMaxx Sunflower is the recommendation from the company. “The addition of a second mode of action against downy mildew provides a resistance management tool for combating the development of disease resistance to genetic tolerance,” said Bill Gilbert, product marketing lead, Syngenta.  

As the high oleic and herbicide tolerant market continues to grow, Syngenta is committed to delivering tailored hybrid options to growers, he noted. Syngenta will evaluate two potential sunflower hybrids in trial plots this year. With yield and oil traits similar to SY7717, both trial hybrids show great potential to become market leading hybrids in the future. The company continues to offer a range of other sunflower hybrids while new ones are being tested.

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