Syngenta Malaysia today launched Filia in Pendang, Kedah, at a three day event attended by rice growers from across the country.

Filia, a fungicide offers rice growers unparalleled protection from neck blast, a disease which attacks the rice plant shortly before harvest. Current grower practices have been insufficient in protecting rice crops from this disease and many farmers have experienced yield losses as a result. The new fungicide will complement Syngenta's existing market-leading offer to rice growers in Malaysia.

Mong Yang Tan, commercial unit head, Syngenta Malaysia, said: "It is important for farmers to have access to the best technologies in order to protect their crops. Filia will offer rice farmers an excellent tool to combat neck blast disease while maximizing their returns. As part of our launch event we will also be educating growers on blast and how they can better protect their crops."

Filia contains the active ingredient (AI) Tricyclazole, a market leader in controlling blast. It also contains the Propiconazole AI which can protect against other plant diseases and also offers crop enhancement properties, ensuring that the rice neck remains strong until harvest time.

Syngenta Malaysia is committed to providing the best agricultural solutions and agronomic knowledge to Malaysian farmers. Filia will be available in Malaysia for the current growing season.