To help wheat growers in the Deep South withstand variable conditions during the winter wheat growing season, Syngenta urges growers to select varieties with superior genetics and to use balanced agronomic practices. Adding to a proven portfolio of AgriPro brand wheat varieties, Syngenta is offering SY Cypress soft red winter wheat variety for 2015 fall planting.

“SY Cypress is an early-maturing variety and has shown moderate tolerance to leaf rust and powdery mildew,” said Simon Phillips, key account manager, Syngenta. “We work to identify lines in our germplasm with very good disease tolerance to the different pathogens in the southern region. We immediately incorporate these strong disease tolerance lines into the cross-breeding program to integrate the genes into our best lines for grain yield and quality.”

SY Cypress is a semi-dwarf variety with medium-short straw height. It develops very early in warmer seasons, and develops more slowly in a very cold year rather than racing to heading. SY Cypress is best suited for Louisiana, Georgia and eastern South Carolina. 

As winter wheat growers begin preparing for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends implementing an integrated approach to crop management. Planting quality certified seed varieties and incorporating good planting practices, such as residue management, proper seeding rates and seed treatments, are critical to helping wheat start strong.

When using seed treatments like CruiserMaxxVibranceCereals insecticide/fungicide, protection begins the moment seeds are planted. As the season progresses, scouting and applying foliar fungicides become important. Growers who choose an integrated management approach will greatly benefit at harvest time, having maximized both their wheat yield and profit potential.