DESTINY, Fla. -- The Sustainable Energy Farm at Destiny, Fla., America's first eco-sustainable city, has planted new biomass crops including jatropha, camelina, and new hybrids of sweet sorghum, which will be studied for future renewable energy and alternative fuel sources, announced Anthony V. Pugliese, III, Founder of Destiny and President and CEO of The Pugliese Company.

The Sustainable Energy Farm is the result of a cooperative effort between Destiny and a growing list of companies and organizations including the University of Florida; Global Renewable Energy; GreenTechnologies, LLC; Southern Farms; Energy Structures & Systems, Inc.; Everglades Farm Equipment; Bio Greens Oil USA, LLC; Treasure Coast Irrigation & Landscape, LLC; William Spreader Service, Inc.; and Aglime Sales.

Several varieties of sweet sorghum were donated by Global Renewable Energy, and planted by Everglades Farm Equipment with the self-steering, precision guidance Autotrac system, which enables crops to be planted more efficiently, waste less seed, and fertilize more accurately. A new drip fertigation system, designed to reduce water waste, will be overseen by Treasure Coast Irrigation. The camelina, a new potential candidate in the biofuel market, and jatropha were planted by Bio Greens Oils USA.

The Sustainable Energy Farm is also planning to grow arundo donax this spring for testing; arundo donax is a perennial grass, with potential yields of 30 to 35 tons of biomass per acre.

To determine the validity of these crops as future fuels, scientists at the University of Florida will research yields per acre, water and fertilizer consumption, different harvesting techniques, and suitability to the Central Florida climate.

"Sustainable agriculture is a key component in our country's transition from fossil fuels to alternative fuels and renewable energy," Pugliese stated. "Fortunately, Destiny is located in the nation's 'sweet spot' for biomass production. Our long growing seasons, large tracks of open land and ideal weather are the perfect combination for producing the needed solutions to the energy crisis."

The Sustainable Energy Farm serves as a learning center where sustainable farming techniques and practices are showcased and taught to residents of Florida and people throughout the world. The Sustainable Energy Farm is also developing and testing carbon-free harvesting techniques, to find the methods that will offer the smallest environmental impact.

Destiny, Fla., spans 64 square miles, or 41,300 acres, and includes more than 25,000 acres of preserved, open space in southern Osceola County. Less than one hour from Orlando, Destiny is strategically located at one of Central Florida's main intersections; consisting of the Florida Turnpike, U.S. Route 441 and State Road 60. Destiny will provide a variety of industries with a new regional commerce hub located within a day's drive of 30 million consumers. As the future home to scientists, engineers, clean-tech innovators and university research centers, Destiny will be a well-balanced mix of new technology, educational excellence, longevity-based lifestyles, and social and cultural centers.

SOURCE: Destiny via PR Newswire.