SAN FRANCISCO -- Sundia Corporation today announced it has forged a strategic partnership with Borders Melon Company, the nation's top watermelon grower and distributor.

The agreement enables Borders to brand their watermelons with the Sundia trademark, assuring consumers maximum satisfaction or their money back, while also becoming a major source of watermelons for Sundia's recently launched watermelon juice.

The Sundia-Borders partnership will guarantee consumers quality watermelons year-round -- whether fresh or in the new Sundia Watermelon Juice.

"We will trademark our watermelons with the Sundia label to give consumers the assurance that what they're buying is perfectly ripe and ready-to-eat. No more thumping or guesswork," said Nowell Borders, president of Borders Melon Co.

Retailers served by Borders benefit by being able to offer an industry first: a money-back guarantee on produce. Additionally, participating retailers can offer free Sundia Watermelon Juice for every fresh Sundia-branded fresh watermelon sold.

Despite industry efforts, most Americans remain unaware of watermelon's health benefits, Sundia says. Watermelon is filled with vitamins A, B6, C, thiamine, and lycopene, the most powerful of the antioxidants. Research suggests that lycopene reduces the risks of certain cancers such as prostate as well as cardiovascular diseases. While lycopene researchers have used tomatoes as the source, USDA scientists have found that watermelon can have as much as 40% more lycopene than an equally sized tomato. And unlike tomatoes which require heat treatment for lycopene to be absorbed by the human body, the lycopene in watermelon does not.

"This partnership with the Borders Melon Company is a major step toward increasing consumer awareness of watermelon's health benefits," said Brad Oberwager, founder and CEO of Sundia Corp. "With farms in Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida, Borders is a year-round supplier of fresh watermelon. Soon, Sundia-trademarked watermelons and Sundia Watermelon Juice will be available in produce sections of their grocery stores or supermarkets nationwide."

The Borders Melon Company, the largest grower/distributor of watermelons in North America, has been farming watermelons since the 1960s. With more than 7,500 acres devoted to growing watermelons, the company begins harvesting the crop from its southernmost farm in Guerrero, Mexico in mid-February, steadily harvesting from its northern farms through October, before moving south again. Borders watermelons are packed in a 90,000-square-foot facility in Edinburg, Texas. The company is headquartered in Hargill, Texas.

Sundia Corporation, is the first company to mass-produce watermelon juice. Located in San Francisco, the privately-held company's products include Sundia Watermelon Juice, Sundia Fresh Watermelon and Sundia Watermelon Concentrate.

SOURCE: Sundia Corporation via Business Wire.