AgEagle Aerial Systems, a Federal Aviation Administration 333 exempt provider of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition drones for precision agriculture, announced that as a result of the company intensely focusing on providing customers with comprehensive support, it has accomplished 2,132 successful agricultural flights resulting in mapping of more than 253,000 acres or 393 square miles in 2015.

This is an increase of 83 percent more than the prior year for AgEagle. This AgEagle success indicates that services related to UAVs will be in high demand once the FAA loosens regulations for agricultural UAV use.

“Our systems are helping growers and agronomists be more productive and profitable. While other players in the market are busy adding low value features and complicated technologies, our team is carefully vetting new features to ensure that they will add value to the customer—by further optimizing chemical application and enhancing yields.” said Bret Chilcott founder of AgEagle. “Given the fact that our systems have mapped over 253,000 acres this year, we must be doing something right.”

Chilcott says the Kansas-based AgEagle has shown the ability to help growers increase profits by pinpointing areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied thus decreasing input costs and increasing yields. The geo-referenced maps aid customers in fast and precise ground truthing.

The contention is that by using such services farmers and agronomists can be more efficient to save time and money. More information on AgEagle products and agricultural uses is at: