Stine Seed Company and United Suppliers, Inc. are forming a marketing and sales consultant partnership to accelerate seed sales growth for Stine Seed and United Supplier’s Seed Link owners. Seed Link is a team of United Suppliers retail owners committed to a “Total Agronomy” approach to meet their customers’ needs for increased productivity and profitability. The Seed Link team consists of top retailers nationwide that consistently outpace the industry in customer satisfaction and sales performance. 

“This partnership will promote a differentiated seed offer that will ultimately deliver growers a better return on their investment,” says Harry Stine, president of Stine Seed Company. “Stine offers some of the most powerful genetics on the market, and we take pride in being an innovative leader in corn and soybean technology.” 

This new alliance will greatly expand sales opportunities for Stine Seed with the United Supplier Seed Link Owners. “The combination of Stine’s industry-leading products along with United Supplier’s market access via Seed Link will create improved value for our owners and the farmer customer,” says Brad Oelmann, United Suppliers President.