WASHINGTON, D.C. - "The American Farm Bureau Federation is pleased the U.S. and Korean governments have come to an agreement that will allow the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement to move forward. We are optimistic that what has been agreed to will allow the FTA to reach the steps of Congress for passage. Farm Bureau has been a strong advocate for passage of the agreement and urges President Obama to send the implementing language to Capitol Hill as soon as possible."

"While we are disappointed that there have been changes to the agreement in regard to U.S. pork access to the Korean market, our pork producers will retain better access than our competitors because of the FTA. It is critical that the U.S. and Korean governments continue consultations to improve access for U.S. beef into the market. Regardless, it cannot be overlooked that this agreement presents a great opportunity for U.S. agriculture and warrants the support of all members of Congress."

"The Korean FTA is important for American agriculture and the U.S. economy. At full implementation of the deal, we estimate an increase of $1.8 billion in U.S. agricultural trade per year."

SOURCE: American Farm Bureau Association