The Wheat Quality Council is touring the spring wheat belt to gauge crop prospects. Crop scouts on Wednesday, the second day of the tour, reported above average yield potential as the crop has benefitted from mild weather and timely rains this summer. However, the lateness of the crop is a concern. Base on field surveys on Wednesday, the average spring wheat yield for the northwest quarter of North Dakota was estimated at 44.6 bushels per acre, up from the estimate last year from the same region of only 34.4 bushels per acre and the five year average for the area of 33.4 bushels per acre. On Tuesday, the group estimated yields for the southern half of the state and some adjacent areas in South Dakota and Minnesota at 45.7 bushels per acreage compared to 37.6 bushels per acre a year ago and the five year average of 35.9 bushels per acre.