Spraying Systems Co., Wheaton, Ill., introduces Turbo TeeJet(R) Duo and DG TwinJet(R) spray nozzles, designed to provide thorough plant coverage for effective treatment of Asian soy rust.

Featuring a dual flat spray pattern, the Turbo TeeJet Duo (TT Duo) is designed to provide better canopy penetration and coverage than single flat spray nozzles and produces larger droplets than other dual spray nozzles for greater drift control. The operating pressure range is 15 to 90 psi (1.03 to 6.21 bar) and a 60-, 90- or 120-degree included angle between spray patterns can be used depending on tip configuration. The TT Duo is available in a variety of capacities.

The DG TwinJet is designed to provide good leaf coverage and canopy penetration. The nozzle uses a pre-orifice in conjunction with a dual orifice to create two identical flat spray patterns with a 60-degree included spray angle
between them. The nozzle produces finer droplets than the TT Duo but larger droplets than standard twin-spray nozzles to help minimize drift. DG TwinJet nozzles have an operating pressure range of 30 to 60 psi (2.07 to 4.14 bar).

"With yield loss potential of 10 percent to 90 percent from soy rust, we are doing everything we can to help educate nozzle users about proper nozzle selection and application techniques. Introducing two new nozzles that offer excellent coverage is a part of this effort," stated Marty Heyen, Marketing and Customer Relations Manager for TeeJet Spray Products. "Selecting the right spray nozzle is the least expensive thing a user can do to protect their crop and investment."

Source: Company Release