Asian soybean rust has been confirmed on soybeans in Burke County, Georgia, and Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, today, bringing the U.S. county total to 43.

According to the Georgia state commentary, "rust was confirmed today with dissecting microscope on a soybean sample collected from our soybean sentinel plot in Midville, Georgia, (Burke County in east Georgia, bordering South Carolina). This sentinel plot is on a university research station.

"One leaflet of 50 collected from Group IV soybeans was infected with rust (fewer than 20 pustules on that leaflet). This is the first rust find in that county this year."

There are now nine rust-positive counties in Georgia.

According to the Louisiana state commentary, its rust-positive count rises to nine parishes with the confirmation of soybean rust in Catahoula Parish in a commercial field of soybeans. Incidence and severity levels were low.

"Although this sighting is the first for the parish, it is mostly academic at this point since the crop is in the late stages of development," officials said. The commentary said that harvesting has begun in many of the soybean growing areas, especially with early maturing varieties or those planted early. Some late-planted beans are in the latter-range reproductive stages.

So far this week, six new counties and parishes have been confirmed positive for soybean rust in the U.S. -- three in Georgia (Burke, Colquitt and Seminole); one in Louisiana (Catahoula) and the northern- and eastern-most find so far -- Florence County, South Carolina.

SOURCE: GA, LA state commentaries on