[Story updated later in the day 10/6]
Discovery of Asian soybean rust in soybeans continues at a brisk pace -- with 10 more reports since Wednesday, bringing the U.S. total to 98 positive counties and parishes in eight states, 78 of those on soybean.

Here's the rundown of the most recent finds:

Alabama: Rust in Escambia, Henry and Sumter counties

On Oct. 6, soybean rust was confirmed from leaves collected from a soybean research plot in Headland, Ala., in Henry County in the southeast section of the state. The soybeans were at the R6 growth stage. Rust was also confirmed on leaves from a commercial soybean field in Sumter County in west-central Alabama. The field had already been harvested, but leaves were collected from plant "escapes" at the edge of the field.

On Oct. 5, soybean rust was found in a soybean variety trial on a Auburn University Research Station in Brewton, Ala., in Escambia County. The small trial was at the R7 growth stage. Disease severity was low. Numerous kudzu patches in neighboring counties were scouted for rust, but the disease was not detected. Alabama has eight counties positive for rust.

Louisiana reports rust in four new parishes

Oct. 5 -- Asian soybean rust was confirmed this week from soybean samples collected in four new parishes. These include Acadia, Evangeline, West Feliciana and West Baton Rouge. The Acadia Parish location was on the Rice Research Station, while the others finds were in multiple soybean fields within the parishes listed. Louisiana count: 22 positive parishes.

Two Florida Panhandle counties found with soybean rust

Rust was found in the Holmes County, Washington County, and Walton County soybean sentinel plots 9/28 and reported 10/4. (Walton County was already reported on 9/29.) This is the first time rust was found in Holmes and Walton in 2006; they were positive in 2005. Washington County is a new rust county; it was not positive in 2005 or 2006. The soybeans were MG5 at R7-8. Confirmation was done with PCR. Florida count: 17 positive counties.

Mississippi discovers rust in four sites in George County

Soybean rust found in four sites in George County, Mississippi, in commercial soybeans Oct. 4. Mississippi count: three positive counties.

Per Alan Blaine in the Mississippi commentary, "Scouting for soybean rust will continue on kudzu and any soybeans that we can find that have green foliage. There are occurences in southwest Mississippi where stinkbug damage has prevented normal maturity of soybeans. Such fields and kudzu patches across the southern part of the state will continue to be monitored to better understand the development and spread of this pathogen."

This year in the U.S., soybean rust has been found on soybeans in 78 counties in eight states. Including finds on kudzu, soybean rust has been verified in 98 counties in the same eight states as follows:

  • Louisiana -- 22

  • South Carolina -- 18

  • Florida -- 17

  • Georgia -- 13

  • North Carolina -- 12

  • Alabama -- 10

  • Mississippi -- 3

  • Texas -- 3

  • SOURCE: StopSoybeanRust.com article based on state commentaries on www.sbrusa.net.