The kudzu site in Dade County, Florida, that was confirmed with soybean rust on April 29 last year was found to have soybean rust sporulating on its still-green leaves last week.

In today's Florida state commentary on, University of Florida plant pathologist James Marois reported:

"In another pass through Florida last week, the positive 2005 kudzu site in Dade County was found again to be positive. Leaves were green and the fungus was sporulating.

"We are seeing the coldest weather of the season this week. In Quincy, there was a lot of frost this morning and ice on the edge of shallow waters."

Marois recommended consulting the Florida Automated Weather Network Web site for specific weather information across Florida.

In 2005, the April 29 soybean rust find in Dade County (home to Miami in southeast Florida) was the fourth of the season for the state. It was also the first 2005 Florida find south of the nation's first confirmed soybean rust of the year in Pasco County, Florida, on Feb. 23.

Florida had one county positive for soybean rust post-season in 2004 -- Gadsden County. Soybean rust was confirmed there in a university test plot in Quincy on Nov. 17. In 2005, Gadsden County was confirmed to have soybean rust on July 17; and this year was one of nine Florida counties with soybean rust announced on Jan. 17.

Florida is now reporting 11 counties positive for soybean rust in 2006, bringing the U.S. total to 14 positive counties.

SOURCE: Florida state commentary on plus archived data on that site and at