The first Asian soybean rust this year in Colquitt County, Georgia, was found Aug. 28 in a university soybean sentinel plot in Moultrie, Ga.

Colquitt, located between rust-positive counties Tift and Brooks, is the seventh county positive for rust in the state; 38th in the U.S. Soybean rust has been found on soybeans in 19 different counties in seven states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.

Georgia officials reported today (9/5):

Soybean rust was detected on Aug. 28 in Moultrie (Colquitt County, GA). This is the first confirmation of rust on soybean in that county. Rust was detected with a dissection microscope on two leaflets with fewer than 10 pustules per leaflet on group VII soybeans. This was a university soybean sentinel plot.

"With the recent rains and the detection of rust South Carolina, it is extremely important that everyone continues to scout their soybeans for possible rust and be prepared to spray if you have not done so already," the report said. "Stay tuned for spray recommendations from Dr. Bob Kemerait."

Soybean and kudzu sentinel and non-sentinel sites continue to be monitored for soybean rust, and the report said that soybean producers in south Georgia should be on high alert for the disease.

Most of the Georgia soybean sentinel plots (MG-IV an MG-VI) are at the R7+ growth stage as of 9/5/06. Commercial soybeans in the state range from about R5 to R7 stages.

Last year, soybean rust was confirmed in Georgia sentinel plots at the Sunbelt Expo, also at Moultrie, in Colquitt County on July 26.

SOURCE: Georgia state commentary on