A cut-back in soybean acreage had also been expected this year, and that view was validated by the Prospective Plantings report. Soybean acreage is projected at 73.9 million acres for 2005, down 1.3 million from 2004. This is not quite as big a decline as the trade had expected. The average of the pre-release estimates put soybean acreage down 1.7 million acres. Soybean acres will be down in Illinois (-250,000) and Indiana (-150,000) but up in Iowa and Missouri. Farmers in the Delta states did move away from soybeans, with acreage intentions down 100,000 in Arkansas and 70,000 in Mississippi. Surprisingly, soybean acreage in North Dakota is projected to decline by 500,000 and a 100,000 acre drop is indicated for South Dakota.